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Several of our books are now out of print, but are available as  PDF documents.  Links are provided below.



Latest Book in PDF form only:


'Worle Association Football Club in the 20th Century' by Raye Green.

This book will revive old memories. The pictures date back to 1901 and take us just into the 21st century. Lots of names of the great and the good to savour.

PDF Link:


Current List of books


A Glimpse of Edwardian Worle: 1900 to 1911. By Raye Green   

PDF link:

A high quality hardback volume full of pictures, charts, maps and commentary. £16.00

Worle at War: The Home Front, 1939 -1941, by Raye Green, 2011

210 pages which cover day to day life in Worle in the first 3 years of World War 2, against a back drop of national and international events. The book has 44 illustrations, excerpts from diaries, articles, minutes and reports. There is an index for easy reference.  £9.99
PDF File for 'Wartime Worle, 1939-1945:


Worle at War: In Pursuit of Peace, 1942-1945
This second volume of World War 2 in the village contains 100 pages of information, comment, newspaper reports and 50 illustrations conclude the story of The Home Front. It is available now, just phone Raye on 516773. £7.99p


1953, Life in Worle, by Raye Green: A Snapshot of a Village

This book about our village in 1953 covers everything. The churches, the schools, sporting activities, carnival, flower show, local politics, shops and people, and of course, the Coronation. There is also a day to day diary of the whole year, which you can add to.£9.99

PDF link for Wonderful Worle in 1953:


 Worle's Home Guard, by Raye Green
a book of 70 or so pages about the 58 men depicted in the photograph on the cover. There is some background information about the Home Guard nationally, but the main content is a page for each of the men, providing what detail I have been able to gather.  New, updated edition £6.00

PDF Link for Worle's Home Guard:


Early Worle: Lesley Brown's account of the village from the 11th century to 1300 AD. Fascinating ideas. £4.00


17th Century Worle: A Time of Trauma and Transition. Lesley Brown £4.00

Worle's Pubs: Lesley Brown's history of our public houses
Lovely book which combines some serious historical research with ancedotes and watercolour sketches of our pubs. A must for Christmas. £7.00

A Walk Along Worle High Street, by Raye Green includes:
18 photographs of Worle High Street, starting at the New Inn in 1909 and working its way along through time and space to the bottom of Spring Hill. The photographs are all A5 and there is a commentary for each one on the opposite page. £7.00p


A Walk around St. Martin's Church, by Raye Green, 2013 includes:
Photographs of the Church and its surroundings from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. The pictures carry a commentary on the opposite page, and some modern ones are in colour. Proceeds are all going to the St. Martin's Bell fund. £6.00

Worle's Windmill, 1705 to present, by Raye Green, 2012
An illustrated history with colour photographs. Covers the people who worked, owned and sold the windmill from the early years of traditional milling to its days as a tea shop, an observatory and a garden shed.

Journal of Worle which covers the 7 years of the 2nd World War: 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944,1945
This is a day to day factual diary of everything I have been able to discover about events in Worle in each of these years, against a background of the Second World War. The ring bound hard copy can be accompanied by a searchable PDF file.  £10.00

Fussell's Rubber Co. Ltd. Working in Worle, by Raye Green
This is a brief history of the firm which gave so many Worle people stable employment for almost 80 years. Written and researched by Raye Green, it's 40 pages includes photographs and newspaper cuttings. Checked and edited by Michael and Julian Fussell.

.......and Pamphlets:

Reading List & Web sites: provides research advice and titles 50p

Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Light Railway NEW  50p

Worle Elementary School Inauguration, 1865 NEW 50p

2011 Village Walk: route and arrangments 20p

Guide to Maps of Worle

Prospect Cottage and the Pomegranate Tree: b/w 20p or colour 50p

Weston to Worle Turnpike Road

Worle British Legion Carnival, 1953: the people and the fun 20p

Sir Ian Orr-Ewing, M.P.: Weston's M.P 1934-1958

Number 40 'Bus: history and memories. Colour version 50p

  •  a series of pamphlets as well as
  • books and booklets covering our research topics
  • Worle at War: The Home Front
  • A Factual Diary of World War II years in Worle, 7 in all for 1939-1945 inclusive

    We also have a range of CDs, but these need work and sorting out!! They will be available to buy at some point soon, we hope.
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