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Worle Vestry Minutes 1815-1891 final for[...]
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Several of our books are now out of print, but are available as  PDF documents, listed below.  You can download them with one click and open the files in your download box at the top of the page.  We would welcome your comments, and any additional information you may be happy to share. 


We have now added five new research documents and 2 new walks: once again open with a single click.


1.  Richard and Samuel Parsley's story.  21 pages of illustrated text including family tree by Dave Hart

2.  A research report of The Jasper Allen Documents.  200 pages gleened from a collection of documents of the Smyth-Pigott family holdings in Worle. Research and introduction by Peter Johnson

3.  Ebdon Road and Thyers Market Garden, Worle.  Peter Johnson and Bryan Moore

4.  Manor House Farm in words and pictures by Dave Hart

5. A walk around St. Martin's Church by Raye Green

6.  A walk long Worle High Street by Raye Green

7.  Policing Worle:  The First 50 Years by Barrie Underwood


TEN History of Worle full length books follow further down the page.

New book:  Worle Association Football Club at the top of the list below.



If you are really impressed, donations to Worle History Society would be very welcome.  Contact details at foot of page.


Agatha Christie and North Somerset
A look at five connections between Agath Christie and North Somerset - three of which, amazingly, feature Worle. 16 pages with illustrations. Two churches, National Trust property, one school, a very early broadcast and best of all a marriage.
Only Connect Worle and Agatha.docx
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Worle Asssociation Football Club 1899 to 2020
By Raye Green with a great deal of help from club members. Special thanks to Gary Coles and Dave Brine. 60 pages of history, pictures galore, cuttings and so forth. Still on sale at the clubhouse in Station Road for £10. Bargain.
Worle AFC, The book.pdf
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Crowe and Green: The HMS Birnbeck Years
A local history book full of information and illustrations. By Dave Nock
Crowe and Green. The HMS Birnbeck Years[...]
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Richard and Samuel Parsley's story
21 pages of the history of this local family who contributed so much to life in Weston and Worle. Illustrations bring the whole tale to life. Researched and written by David Hart.
Richard Samuel Parsley's Story.pdf
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The Jasper Allen Documents
A collection of documents relating to the holdings of the Smyth-Pigott family in the Worle area, with an introduction to guide you through. Searchable.
JA Documents compilation complete with T[...]
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Ebdon Road and Thyers Market Garden Worle.
Two archaeological collections: a brief re-examination by Peter Johnson and Bryan Moore
Ebdon Road Thyer's report.pdf
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Manor House Farm, Worle in Words and Pictures
A most informative report in 21 pages by David Hart.
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Policing in Worle: The first 50 Years
18 illustrated pages of the history of policing in Worle, by Barrie Underwood
If you, or your family, have been involved in policing in the area, this is for you.
Policing Worle - The First 50 Years (Rev[...]
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A Walk Around St. Martin's Church
An introduction to St. Martin's Church, Worle, in words and pictures.
A Walk Around St. Martin's Church, 2013.[...]
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A Walk along Worle High Street
A stroll in words and pictures along Worle's lovely old High Street through time and place.
Walk along Worle High Street 3rd.pdf
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Waunlwyd to Worle. Two Villages I have loved.
The memories of Raye Jones who was born in Wales but grew up in Worle. It is dedicated to my lovely family and the people of Worle. Happy reading.
Waunlwyd to Worle, illustrated.pdf
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Merv's War
A celebration for the 75th anniversary of VE Day. This is short description of the war experiences of Mervyn Jones, who spent the post war period living in Worle where he brought up his family and loved every minute of life.
Merv's War.pdf
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Early Worle, 1066 to 1307
This book introduces us to ideas about and speculation upon Worle's early history. From 1066, The Castle, the Church and the Forest, The Priory and so on. A tale to ponder upon. By Lesley Brown
Early Worle 1066 to 1307.pdf
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17th Century Worle
A Time of Trauma and Transition. by Lesley Brown
17th C Worle A5.pdf
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Worle's Pubs
The history of brewing and drinking in and around Worle from the Bronze Age to the 20th century. All your favourite watering holes are here. Illustrated by Sally Staples. By Lesley Brown
Worle's Pubs.pdf
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Worle's Windmill
On the east end of Worlebury Hill, the windmill has been variously nicknamed Baker's Folly, The Retreat and The Observatory. This is the story of the iconic building an its predecessor from 1705 to the present day. 60 pages of facts, documents, anedotes and pictures. Researchead and written by Raye Green
Windmill Story.pdf
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A Glimpse of Edwardian Worle
108 pages with lovely illustrations that introduces Worle in the very early 20th century. The book draws on census information, newspaper reports, photographs kindly donated by members. Something of a treasure. By Raye Green.
A Glimpse of Edwardian Worle.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [10.0 MB]
Wartime Worle
183 pages tracking the happenings in Worle from 1939 to 1945. Illustrations galore and information from local newspaper articles, diaries and anedotal contributions. By Raye Green.
Wartime Worle, The book.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [9.2 MB]
Fussell's Rubber Co. Ltd
The founding and running of Fussell's Rubber Co. and the people who worked for them. Pictures and text.
Fussell's Book.pdf
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Journal of Worle in World War Two
An entry for every day of the war and the run up to the declaration. No illustrations, but only a small number of days have no information. Raye Green
Journal 39 to 45.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.3 MB]
Worle's Home Guard, Introduction and Index
Background information about the organisation and history of the Home Guard, with pictures and stories about individuals associated with Worle. A good idea to read this before looking at the next book which devotes a page to each of the 58 men.
Home Guard Intro 3rd edition.pdf
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Worle's Home Guard
A page each for the 58 men who appear in the photograph of Worle's own Dad's Army. The depth of the research varies, inevitably, and is ongoing. There is a short introduction with additional material. by Raye Green
HG 3rd Edition.pdf
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Wonderful Worle in 1953
97 pages of memories and pictures of the village of Worle in Somerset, England. 1953 was a special year in England, where a new Elizabethan Era was emerging. Anyone who loves this place, or who loves the 1950s or who loves England, will have a ball with this. By Raye Green
Wonderful Worle 1953.pdf
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