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Worle History Society
Worle History Society

St Martin's Church, Worle.

The first church of St Martin in Worle was built early in the 12th century and probably completed almost 900 years ago in AD 1125.    https://stmartinsworle.org.uk/

Ancient Worle

Worle is one of few places hereabouts which has never changed its name. Known as Worle when William the Conqueror arrived in 1066 this spelling has stayed with us for nearly one thousand years.  Parts of the original Norman Church are still visible in the 21st century.  The Norman arch inside the south door is a good example and substantial parts of the south wall are also 12th century.


50 Vicars of St. Martins

The first known appointed vicar of St. Martin's Church Worle was Elias de Coleshull in 1325, so for the first 200 years we do not know how the Church was administered.  A list of the vicars is given on the marble tablet on the west wall inside the Church.  Two files, containing all the available information about each of the vicars up to number 45 is available to researchers on request.  Many of the vicars since  Rev. Eric Vallance Cook are still alive or have family and friends still living, and will need to be recorded by future generations.


Worle History Society Archive

Files and books relating to St Martin’s Church
Vicars of Worle

Vicars of Worle                  numbers 1 to 38         Pink file
Vicars of Worle                       numbers 39 to 50       Orange file
Rev. Alfred Cecil Harman             number 40                  Purple, slim file

Somerset Incumbents             1311 to c 1730            Green cover.  Original in Br. Mus.


Records of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials

Baptisms                                 1771 to 1901               Green, slim bound book
Marriages                               1755 to 1901               Green, slim bound book


Churchyard Records with inscriptions and pictures

Database of graves              Collected 2013            Red file, downstairs, copy in
                                                                                    Church and on website


Section A                 Top graveyard Near Church       Blue file
   Section B                                 Top west                      Green file
  Section C                                 Top east                      Yellow file

Section D                                Bottom NW                 Red file
Section E                                 Bottom centre W        Black file
Section F                                  Bottom SW                  Blue file
  Section G                                 Bottom NE                   Green file
  Section H                                 Bottom centre E          Yellow file
Section I                                  Bottom SE                   Red file
Section J                                  Bottom south              Black file
The Maid in Mold                   Oldest grave                    Slim red file


Parochial Interest

Parish Magazine                     17 articles 2017                            Pink file

Parochial Minutes                   Limited number          Bells tower minutes
Interior Memorials                 46 recorded                Orange file downstairs
Wedding pictures                    work in progress         White file, downstairs.

900 Years of Power & G.        Jenny & Stanley T.       WHS Library upstairs
Let All the Bells Ring               James Dowland           WHS Library upstairs
Benjamin’s Son                       Peter H. Schurr           Raye’s Library Rev. Kent
Cheers Sir                 C. L Harman                Raye’s Library Rev. Cecil Harman
A Walk around St. Martins     Raye Green                 The Church and Worle WHS Lib


Worle in the World of 1066 to 1086
A look at the Worle from the Norman Conquest to the Domesday Book
1. History of the Parish of Worle Edite[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [6.8 MB]
Norman Architecture and St Martins Church
Illustrative slides of Norman buildings to consider whilst we are meeting in St Martins Church
Norman Architecture.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [10.2 MB]
Timeline of Norman England: Background Information.
10 pages of British history for those of us who yearn for more information
Timeline of Norman England.docx
Microsoft Word document [38.8 KB]
Brief History of Priory of Woodspring
An article which is helpful on one hand and doubtful on further investigation. It helps and warns simultaneously.
Brief History of Priory of Woodspring.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [508.6 KB]
Archaeological Research Design for Village of Worle, Somerset
24 pages of an assignment for Oxford University.. Development of Worle; Pre Norman Worle; Medieval Worle; Castle Batch; and some conclusions and questions.
Bryan Moore HLA Final.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [5.2 MB]

Pictures through time

2010:  Ancient and Modern

Our wonderful old church greeting the workers home.  Taken on long exposure by Nick Smart.

1966:  Widening of Church Road

The Church and the Monastic Barn watching developments with a critical eye, no doubt.

1912:  The trees have been pruned!

In 2012 we set out to identify the 20 graves in this photograph.  18  are named and 2 remain unknown.  Report available on request.

St Martin's in its surroundings.

Probably 1920, if we take the graveyard as our guide.  Lovely view of surrounding cottages.

St Martins welcomed Rev. Jon Ormrod on 18th November 2021.

We all wish him well.

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