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Worle's Members of Parliament 1900 to 2024

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Worle's Members of Parliament from 1900 to 2024

Names, Party and Dates

Worle’s MPs from 1900 to present

From 1900 until 1918 our village of Worle was part of Wells Constituency and therefore probably scarcely represented at all. 


Date elected                      Member & party                                          1899                       Robert Edmund Dickinson           

    1906                       Thomas Ball Silcock                         

  1910                       George John Sandys                      

In 1918, following the end of the Great War
 [it only become WW1 when we had WW2] the constituency
boundaries were revised and the Weston-super-Mare
constituency was formed.  The new area included Worle,
and it has remained so to the present, 2022.


Election                        Member & party  

1918                       Sir Gilbert Wills                 

1922                       Lord Erskine                      

                 1923                       Frank Murrell                                    

                 1924                       Lord Erskine                                      

               1934                    Ian Orr-Ewing                                      

1958                   David Webster                     

                  1969                 Jerry Wiggin                                            

                  1997                  Brian Cotter                                            
                         Liberal Democrat

                 2001                 John Penrose                                         


John Penrose was re-elected for our constituency in 2005, 2010, 2015, 2017 and 2019

General Election called for 4th July 2024, with John Penrose standing  for our Constituency again.  He did not win.  The Labour candidate, Dan Aldridge is now our MP.



Members of Parliament for our Constituency 1900 to 2024
Photographs, where available and background information for each of the eleven men who represented the people of Worle for 122 years
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