Worle History Society Officers 2018-2019

Raye Green

Madam Chairman!

Elected in 2018.  Learning the ropes. Chairs committee meetings and monthly open meetings.  Looks after the archives and updates the website and facebook page.  Has written 10 books on the history of Worle.  Secretary for nine years.


Bob Champ

Vice Chair

Bob was our chairman for 4 years and is still very much at the heart of things.  He is liaising with local schools and organising history walks and talks with pupils and staff. He is also interviewing folk for our oral history archives.


Julie Daw


Julie has taken on the role of secretary with great verve and enthusiasm.She is producing our 2020 calendar and is looking after our IT needs and publicity along with her other duties.  Her experience running Worle Horticultural Society for several years will be invaluable.


Peter Johnson

Membership Secretary

Peter joined Worle History Society in the very early days and served as chairman for three years.  He is our most active researcher and has produced some fascinating reports for our archives.  You will meet him on the welcome table at our monthly meetings.


Nadine Kilvington


Nadine has been our treasurer since 2009 when we started and has a genius for balancing the books.  She also belongs to the research team and has an interest in family history. 


 Committee Members   

Dave Hart

Walks and Pictures

Dave plans and leads the Society's August walk every year. He has contributed some excellent research on an array of topics and he wrote 'A Brief History of Worle' for this website.  He also catalogues our collection of photographs.


Jenny Kingsbury

Online banking and accounts

Jenny handles our online banking needs in close communication with the treasurer.  She has strong links with several other local clubs and societies. Member of our research group and archivist.


Jenny Gosden

Committee secretary

Founder member of the Society.  Jenny takes the minutes and produces the agendas for our monthly committee minutes.  Born and bred in Worle, Jenny served on Weston Town Council and North Somerset Council for several years.  She helps to man the welcome table with Peter.


Paul Davis

Newly elected committee member

You may know Paul through 2 of our local schools.  Paul taught at St. Martins for several years and oversaw their history curriculum.  He is now Key Stage 2 Leader at Becket School in North Worle.  He has already volunteered to take on a history trail project with St. Martin's Church.



Committee Members 2018 to 2019


  Officers are as agreed by the committee at the September 2018 meeting and will be updated after the Sept 2019 committee meeting.

Members, please contact one or all of us if you have items you would like to put on the agenda for committee meetings. Thank you.

Committee Meetings for 2018 to 2019 will all be held on Wednesdays, starting at 5.30 p.m.
Peter and Julie are taking it in turns to host committee meetings for the next year.

17th October 2018 at Wainwright Close

14th November 2018  at Hawthorn Hill

19th December 2018  at Wainwright Close

16th January 2019  at Hawthorn Hill

20th February 2019  at Wainwright Close

20th March 2019  at Hawthorn Hill

17th April 2019   at Wainwright Close

15th May 2019  at Hawthorn Hill

19th June 2019   at Wainwright Close

17 July 2019  at Hawthorn Hill

14th August 2019  at Wainwright Close

18th September 2019  at Hawthorn Hill

Minutes of Committee meetings since the Society was established are recorded in a minutes book which is available, by arrangement, for anyone who is interested. From April 2012 they are digitally recorded and lodged in the Orange File held by the secretary.

We would also love to hear from any of our members who are interested in standing for the committee at the AGM in September 2019. Email the secretary with your details. Thank you.



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