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Covid 19 Policy

Worle History Society - Covid 19 Policy


The purpose of the guidance outlined within this policy is to encourage the application of current best practice in order to reduce Covid 19 transmission and to protect members and visitors at monthly meetings of the Worle History Society (WHS) held at the Worle Community Centre.

It is important that we all use personal judgement to manage our own risk and all of us can play our part by exercising common sense. While no situation is risk free, there are steps everyone can take to reduce the risk of transmission. The Committee would be grateful for your support by adhering to the following measures.

Self testing.

Members are requested, where possible, to undertake a Lateral Flow Test on the day of the Worle History Society meeting. Home test kits are available from pharmacies. Should a test result show as positive, please follow government guidance and do not attend the WHS meeting.

The wearing of Face Masks.

Face coverings are no longer required by law. However, it is advised that you should wear face coverings in crowded and enclosed areas where you come into contact with people you don’t usually meet. Once seated in the meeting, members and visitors may remove their mask but should replace them when moving around within the building.

The use of Sanitizer.

A container of Sanitizer will be made available on entry at the registration desk. Every effort will be made to remind members and visitors to use the sanitizer but please make this a personal responsibility. Sanitizer is also provided in wall mounted units by the door to the toilet vestibule and by the main entrance to the hall.

Social distancing

Social distancing is no longer a mandatory requirement but you may wish to consider your proximity to and closeness of contact you have with people with whom you do not usually live. It is important to consider that others may wish to take a more cautious approach. We should all be considerate of this and provide the opportunity and space for others to reduce close contact if they wish.


Efforts will be made to maintain a flow of fresh air during meetings but every care will be taken to ensure the ambient temperature is maintained at a comfortable level. Please understand and support the committees' actions in this respect.

Recording of attendees.

Your attendance is recorded on entry to the meeting and the membership and visitor attendance record will be used as a record of attendance for Covid 19 Track and Trace purposes if required.


Please feel free to contact any of the Committee Members if you wish to discuss any of the measures outlined in this policy.

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