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Here you will be able find out how to contact the committee, and updates on our latest research and projects.  Our monthly meetings have been suspended until such time as the Coronavirus crisis is over.  We are still researching and archiving our findings.  You can still take an interest and get involved.  Contact details in right hand column!!


Membership fee is £5 a year, renewable at the AGM in September each year, with the exception of 2020.  We hope to renew memberships in September 2021.  Normally, members pay £1 at each meeting to help pay for the hall and boost funds. Visitors are always welcome at meetings and other activities for a modest £2 contribution.  Our members - nearly 100 - have access to our archives at regular intervals and are able to join our research team.


We all happily research the last 1000 years in Worle, live happily with our memories, enjoy the here and now and plan for the future. Such fun.



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We meet on the first Thursday of each month at

Worle Community Centre,

Lawrence Road, Worle



BS22 6TU


If all is well with Boris et al, Meetings will  restart at 7.00 p.m. on Thursday 1st July.   Click on 'Meetings' page above for details.                                              


Update Gallery

Dave Hart our new Chairman

Dave took over the role of Chairman on 25th May 2021 and has great ideas for the future of the Society.  You may know Dave from his history walks around Worle with our members and local schools.   Good luck Dave, and thank you!

Planning meeting for renaissance of WHS.

17 of us met on 25th May to plan the programme for the restarting of meetings and activities.  Committee, sub-committees and research team were all represented.  If all is well with Boris et al we shall be meeting on 1st July


Worle history books to download

Click on the Publication page at the top of this page for a list of books, articles and reports you can download, all on  Worle history topics.  Happy reading!

Worle's Windmill.  Just added to our publications page.

August walk 2021 will be on Thursday 5th Aug

Meet at 6.00 at the Nut Tree pub. All welcome! The route is all on the flat and will take us around

Ways to Ebden

Notice it is deliberately spelt with an E.

£2.50 each including pamphlet and ring 01934 510900 to book an indoor table for dinner at about 8 p.m.

Latest News

Research Project for 2021?


Research Team is getting together again.  Online, of course.  We shall be considering new projects.  One suggestion is to reconstruct village Worle in the 1850s for an exhibition.  This photo is a favourite corner of Worle which features the Valiant Soldier, the cottages and The Bell House.  Censuses, maps, newspaper cuttings all calling to us.

Any other suggestions?

New Brian Austin page for researchers

Brian's "Chronological History" of Weston-super-Mare runs to 440 A4 pages with a full 3 part index of people/places/things.

He has sent us lists of the projects completed which appear on the new page.

Click on the link at the top of the page above to see his list and other contributions of Worle documents wills/deeds.  Happy hunting.

Brian has won the 2020 BALH Award for Personal achievment.  Hurrah!

One Day in our Lives book

Sincere thanks to all our contributors to the fundraising book for Weston Hospital Staff Wellbeing fund.  The fund has received £525 already and we have covered our costs.  The remaining books will be available on sale in Weston Museum shops when it re-opens and in Weston Hospice shops across Weston and Worle.

We are hoping to arrange a get together for our 50 contributors when and if we get through the pandemic!

Decided to Join?

Join our facebook page;  email or telephone or come to a meeting when we restart

Email Peter Johnson, our membership secretary

peter.j@talk21.com   OR phone Raye Green on 01934 516773  OR when we re-start, come along to a meeting - probably in July 2021. We always have an information desk with Peter and Jenny ready to help.  You'll need to part with £5 for your annual subscription and £1 for the meeting.  You will get your membership card, programme for the year and a pamphlet with useful info.  Welcome to the fun!

What do we do?  All this, and make friends!

Walks around Worle and local visits.

Annual walk on the first Thursday in August.  6.30 p.m. followed by supper in a local hostelry. Other local trips of interest.

Meetings 7.00 p.m. on 1st Thurs of month

Range of speakers on topics related to Worle, often with powerpoints showing Old Worle.  Quiz in December.  All good fun.

Exhibitions from time to time.  Pictures, archive files etc

We have put on five exhibitions in the last 3 years to enable everyone to come along and see how Worle has changed.

Research projects indoors and out in the village.

The research group meets regularly, and presents its findings at meetings.  Local history rooms in libraries and Somerset Heritage and chatting to our golden oldies.

Archive and Library Open days

No Open Days until summer 2021 at soonest.

We plan to hold a free exhibition to re-start when the crisis is behind us.

Members, visitors and friends will all be welcomed with open arms.  Welcome and Membership Table where you can get a leaflet and renew your subs, or join for the first time.

Date(s) and Venue is difficult to predict.  Watch this space.



Contact us with any information or queries



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Contact us at raye.worle@gmail.com or phone 01934 516773