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Wednesday 8th February

Wednesday 10th May

Wednesday 9th August

Wednesday 8th November

These dates correspond with the quarterly meetings of the research group with commences at 7.00 p.m.

Library books may be borrowed or used on the premises, but if borrowed they MUST be returned on the next Open Day. List of books is given below. Cover pictures to follow.

The archives are also available to members on these dates, but archive material can only be borrowed by members of the Research Group. See the archives page for more details.


No. Title Author/editor Details of content  
1. WsM in old picture postcards


Woodspring Museum Service


108 postcards of WsM with explanatory comments. Mostly early 20th century.
2. WsM The Sands of Time

Anthony Keyes
Pub. Stigma Leisure


97 pages of pictures, drawings, maps and commentary.
3. WsM in Old Photographs

Sharon Poole
Alan Sutton publishing


160 pages of WsM from the 19th and 20th centuries
4. Around WsM in Old photographs Sharon Poole


Alan Sutton publishing
160 pages of photographs including Worle [pp. 49-77]
5. WsM in the 1950s Sharon Poole


Alan Sutton publishing
160 pages of photographs from the 1950s with comments. Page 157 features Worle. The Mobile Library picture does not look like Worle to me.
6. Archive Photographs of WsM Sharon Poole


Chalford Pub. co.
128 pages of pictures. Intro by Jill Dando.
7. WsM Past and Present Sharon Poole


Sutton Publishing
143 Photographs old and new, with Worle featured on pp. 132 -140
8. WsM 1950s to 1970s Sharon Poole


Tempus publishing Ltd.
128 pages, including Worle pictures on pp 123-125
9. Around Somerset Nick Chipchase


The History Press
160 pages of pictures, well annotated, but not including Weston or Worle.
10. Somerset: Photographic memories of Britain Maria Jeppa


Frith Book co. Ltd.
Hardback. 120 pages. Worle featured on p. 30
No. Title Author/editor Details of content Cover
11. Around Weston super Mare Sharon Poole


Frith Book co.
86 pages of photographs, of which pages 80-86 feature Worle
12. The Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway Colin Maggs


Oakwood Press
48 pages of information, history and pictures.
13. Somerset and Avon Railways Kevin Robertson


Alan Sutton publishing
144 pages of pictures. Introduction, map and list of openings of new lines.
14. WC and P Railway Pictorial record Peter Strange


Twelveheads Press
96 pages of pictures, history notes, documents etc. For Worle see p48

Cuttings included.
15. Brean – The Millennium Years Joan Jackson


Square One publications
136 pages of illustrated history of the village and surroundings from Roman times to the dawn of 21st century.
16. WsM, Illustrated Miscellany John Crockford Hawley


Frith Books Co.
60 pages. Hardback. 30 pages devoted to WsM, the rest is general
17 Somerset at War Henry Buckton DVD
18. WsM – The Good Old Days John Bailey


Penwell Ltd.
55 pages of illustrated memories from a local journalist. 2 copies
19. WsM. Look Back with Laughter John Bailey


Penwell Ltd.
Humorous stories from Weston’s past, illustrated. 95 pages
20 Milton and Worle, a peep into the past Stan Terrell


Self published
104 pages of pictures, documents and memories.
No. Title Author/editor Details of content Cover
21. Life in Worle, 1953 Snapshot of a Village Raye Green


Honey Pot Press
170 pages of memories, stories, diaries and pictures.
22. Don’t tell I, Tell ‘ee Roger Evans


Countryside Books
An affectionate look at the Somerset dialect. Interesting glossary. Cartoons and conversations.
23. A Load of Old Bristle Derek Robinson & Vic Wiltshire


Countryside Books
The local dialect with humour and cartoons. 64 pages
24. Sick Sentries of Bristle Derek Robinson and Vic Wiltshire


Countryside Books
An amusing look at Bristol’s history from 1373. Glossary – you’ll need it.
25. Bristol: 50 years in pictures Gerry Brooke


Bristol Evening Posts
144 pages of quality photographs from 1950s to the millennium
26. Post View of Bristol Gerry Brooke with David Harrison


Breedon Books
Over 200 pages of pictures taken by the Bristol Post photographers.
27. Congresbury at War Congresbury History Group

24 pages. Text, map and pictures.
28. WsM Photographic Memories Sharon Poole


Frith Books Ltd
90 pages. Replica of number 11, reprinted!!
29. Journal of World War II in Worle Raye Green


Honey Pot Press
A day to day journal of local events, national and international background. 161 pages covering 1939 to 1945.
30. Worle’s Home Guard Raye Green


Honey Pot Press
The 58 men of our own Dad’s army. Illustrated and with family background details.
31. Worle at War: The Home Front Raye Green


Honey Pot Press
208 pages about the people of Worle and their efforts to reorganise life in the face of war. Illustrations.
No. Title Author/editor Details of content Cover
32. Worle at War: In Pursuit of Peace Raye Green


Honey Pot Press
100 pages. Stories of the men and women of Worle. VE and VJ day celebrations with illustrations.
33. A Walk along Worle High Street. Raye Green


Honey Pot Press
A gentle stroll along the High Street in words and pictures. 40 pages that take you on a journey through time.
34. A Walk around St. Martin’s Church, Worle Raye Green


Honey Pot Press
A walk in words and pictures around the 12th century Church and a peep inside.
35. Worle’s Windmill Raye Green


Honey Pot Press
A history of this landmark building from 1705 until the 21st century. Illustrations include photographs, family trees, documents.
36. Fussell’s Rubber Co. Ltd. Raye Green


Honey Pot Press
A history of the company from its beginnings in 1916 until the present day. Pictures, documents, cuttings.
37. Worle’s Pubs Lesley Brown


Honey Pot Press
Traces the history of brewing and public houses in Worle from the Bronze Age to the 20th century. Watercolour illustrations and a time line of all the pubs.
38. Early Worle Lesley Brown


Honey Pot Press
Worle from 1066 to 1307 is discussed and speculated upon. a very useful timeline and illustrations
39. The Good Earth Gillian M. Moore A study of market gardening in Worle and Milton, Somerset. 72 pages of description, maps, pictures
40. The Monmouth Rebellion and Battle of Sedgemoor 1685 Lorna Jenner


Somerset County Council Heritage Service
This booklet offers an excellent introduction for the general public to one of the most fascinating campaigns in British History
41. 900 Years of Power and Glory: St. Martin’s Church Worle Jenny and Stanley Thompson


St Martin’s Leadership Group
30 pages of information tracing the history of Worle’s oldest standing building with the wonderful clarity of black and white illustrations.
No. Title Author/editor Details of content Cover
42. Worle: A Conservation Study John Crockford Hawley


Civic Society
20 page report regarding the desirability of a designated Conservation Area in the old village of Worle. Drawings and maps.
43. A century of Railway service Raymond Vivian Wathen


Woodspring resource centre
55 pages of recollections of a Railway Family from GWR to British Rail with excellent illustrations, maps, diagrams and photographs
44. Cheers, Sir

From the Vicarage to the Brewer
C. Lancelot Harman


Tallis Press
A wonderful, illuminating biography of Rev. Cecil Harman and his wife, Enid, by their only son, Lance. Hardback, with family pictures.
45. Benjamin’s Son

Benjamin archer Kent MD 1808-1864
Peter H. Schurr


Royal Society of Medicine Ltd.
Ex library copy from Glasgow. 190 pages – biography of Benjamin Archer Kent, father of Chas Kent. Chas was vicar of Worle from 1896 -1901. Family tree and story that takes you from England to Australia and Sierra Leone.
46 Let All the Bells Ring James Dowland


Barney Books
72 pages covering the history of bell ringing to celebrate the 5,500 towers worldwide where bells will ring for the millennium. 5,200 towers are in England, including Worle on pages 69 to 72
47. Flat Holm: Bristol Channel Island Bob Jory and Friends


Wincanton Press
150 pages. The history, romance and legend of the island with a massive collection of illustrative material and pictures.
48. The History of civil Defence

No 3 (WsM)
Contributions for dozens of CD personnel


Lawrence Bros WsM
77 pages of invaluable information about the local Civil Defence arrangements during WW2, with pictures, a journal and index.
49 Somerset Incumbents

From the Hugo Mss. 30,279-80, In the British Museum
Frederic William Weaver


Reprint 2015

Kessinger Legacy Reprints
476 A4 pages, plus a 50 page index.

Records from the Bishops’ Registers at Wells. Earliest date I have found is 1205, latest is c. 1730s. Headings: Date of Institution; Incumbent; How vacated; Patron, Ref. to bishop’s register. Worle pp 222,223.
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