We meet on the first Thursday of the month at 7.00 p.m. unless otherwise stated at Worle Community Centre, Lawrence Road, Worle BS22 6TN. We inhabit the old Chapel, up the yellow steps at the front. Lawrence Rd is off the High Street, the turning next to the Lamb Inn. We are enjoying the extra space in our new room. All welcome. Members £1, visitors £2



September 5th: Our Annual General Meeting.  Hall opens at 6.30 for payment of subs for the year.  AGM at 7.00 p.m. followed by a memories of 60 years ofWorle Horticultural Society




Jan 3rd:      Members Meeting at the Century Club, Mendip Avenue.  2.00 p.m.  Bar is open until 3.00 p.m.  3 short talks: 
                    1. David Venn will be telling us about his  research into the history of Castle Road [off Kewstoke Road]. 
                    2.  Flo Turner's short tale of two stones 

                    3.  Peter Townsend, retired head teacher of Milton School talking about his experiences in World War 2.

                    Happy New Year.


Feb 7th:    Glyn Hayes from Weston super Mare RNLI is our speaker. He was snowed off in March 2018!   He will tell us about the history of the
                 lifeboat service on our North Somerset  coast since 1882
http://www.westonrnli.co.uk/ See the link for further information.


March 7th: William Fraher is telling us about all the latest developments at the Hillfort, and well as touching upon its history.  We
                   plan to hold a walk to see the hillfort on the ground later in the month.  Watch this space.


April 4th:   Ten years since we started.  A review of WHS with baby pictures of the committee and of some of our members.  Also an
                   excellent Local History Bingo game, with prizes led by Julie Daw.  We tried the game out at a committee meeting and it
                   was great fun.  Thanks Julie.


May 2nd:  Centenary of Skidmore and Sons opening in Worle.  Talk and display with memories galore.  Raye Green and David
                 Skidmore and anyone who wants to join in.  Book will be on sale later in the year, we hope.


June 6th:  Clive Brain from MShed.  https://www.bristolmuseums.org.uk/m-shed/ Pyronaut and the Queens Diamond Jubilee”. The
                  talk focuses on the working exhibits of M Shed in general and Pyronaut in particular.


July 4th:   Calendar night, with a talk about the pictures for 2020, followed by Dave Hart's chat about the August walk.


Aug 1st:    Summer walk and supper. 6.30 p.m. from the Nut Tree pub, Ebdon Road.  Dave Hart will be leading our annual walk, this
                 year through Upper Worle and its Green Lanes.  Book your supper at the pub before we set off.


Sept 5th:   AGM.  If you remember the Flower Show and Worle Horticultural Society with affection, this evening is for you.  Julie and Raye will be
                 tracing the history of both of these institutions back to the 1920s.  If you or your family entered any of the categories in the show, or
                 helped in any way, we'd love to hear from you.


Oct 3rd     Michael Gorely from Historic England is coming to tell us about his job and the work he is involved with in Worle, especially with our
                 local schools.  We intend to invite representatives from Worle schools to spread the word and to ask them how Historic England and
                 Worle History Society can assist with their curriculum needs.

Nov 7th    1920s in Worle.  Looking back 100 years to everything we can discover about life in Worle.  Lead by the research team with
                contributions from members and guests.  Pictures, minutes of Worle clubs and societies, map.  We hope to find out whether Worle was
                roaring in the 20s!


Dec 5th   Our Christmas Quiz.  Bob Champ will be question master, as usual and Nadine will oversee refreshments.  Raffle, of course.




Jan 2nd    Century Club, 2.00 p.m.  Members’ contributions, based on reseach team work throughout the year.


Feb 6th     Windmills and Millers in Somerset with Sarah Harris, with reference to Vale Mill and Worlebury.


Mar 5th   Weston Museum.  A representative will be giving us an update of what our museum offers and how it is managed.


April 2nd Clevedon Pier and its 150 year history with Abbie Edbrook.


May 7th   Worle Infants' School/Mendip Green Primary School, Greenwood Road.  Meeting in the school hall at 7.00 p.m.  Pictures, display boards

               and a chance to exchange memories.  There will also be a chance to visit the old Infants' School, which is being opened especially for us from 5.30 until 6.45.












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Contact us at rayegreen@talktalk.net, or phone 01934 516773