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Worle History Society
Worle History Society

Our Monthly Meetings


We meet on the first Thursday of the month at 7.00 p.m. unless otherwise stated at Worle Community Centre, Lawrence Road, Worle BS22 6TN. We inhabit the old Chapel, up the yellow steps at the front. Lawrence Rd is off the High Street, the turning next to the Lamb Inn.  All welcome. Members £1, visitors £2


If you have suggestions for topics or speakers, please contact one of the organising team below, by email.


Our Programme Team

Alan Turner

Team Leader

Puts together the timetable for the year and keeps in touch with our speakers.

Dave Hart

Walks organiser

Oversees publicity and jproduces pamphlets for members.

Julie Daws


Keeps everyone informed and searches out good speakers.





January 6th             Happy New Year.  2.00 p.m. This is our annual afternoon meeting at Worle Century
                                  Club in Mendip  Avenue.  "THE SPIRIT OF THIS PLACE”.  It is hoped that some of
                                  our    members and friends will tell us  about what Worle means to them, or what
                                  brought them here, how long have their families been in or near the village and any
                                 specific memories that stand out for them.  Any volunteers?  Sadly cancelled.


February 3rd:          Somerset School Days.  Peter Tinney will recount amusing tales of schooldays at his
                                 village school in Stone Allerton, Nr Axbridge.


March 3rd:              Phil Curme from Clevedon Pier Trust will talk on the 150 years of Clevedon Pier.


April 7th:                Dr Mel Draper’s presentation will be on the railways in the Worle area from
                               documents and artefacts  held  at Kew as part of the Haywood Collection. 
                               W E Haywood was a Weston man.


May 5th:                History of Weston Playhouse.  Samantha Ball will share her research on the history of
                              The Playhouse and talk about the book she has published on the topic.


June 9th:             The Origins of Surnames.  Professor Richard Coates from the University of the Weston
                              of England will explain the origin of surnames in the UK and will access the research
                             database to explore some old  Somerset and Worle family names.


July 7th:              “Talk the walk”.  A preview of this year’s Village Walk with Dave Hart


August 4th:          Gather at 6.30 p.m. at The Woolpack Inn, St Georges for Worle Annual Village Walk
                               with Dave Hart at the helm. 



September 1st:     Annual General Meeting, followed by a short talk from the Research Group.


October 6th:          “The Flooding of the North Marsh up to the Present Day” by Dave Hart.


November 3rd:       “Lawrence Road” by Dave Skidmore.  An insight into his fascinating research on the
                                  buildings and residents of Lawrence Road at various stages over the years.


December 1st:       Christmas Quiz and Social.



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Contact us at raye.worle@gmail.com or phone 01934 516773